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How to buy SRT tickets online

포레스트 하이츠
2020-03-10 11:51


Today I will explain about getting SRT tickets comfortable online.


First, let’s go to the official website.

*The site works on both, computers and smartphones.*


You can change the language in right top corner.


Now, you want to choose your final destination, like so…

(To go to Pyeongtaek and Forest Heights, please select 'Jije' station)


You can also select searching details.

1.Date of your trip


3.Number of adult passengers

4.Number of kids passengers - discount



After selecting, click the 'search' button (number 5).


A train timetable appears on the screen.

You can see the train number and your departure and arrival stations and time.

If you look at the train fare column and click 'view', a small chart with ticket prices will pop out.

Now, close the chart, choose the most suitable train and click 'select'

at either 'first class' or 'standard' column.


 This will send you to the next 'booking page'.


Fill in your personal information: name, phone number, email

choose any 5 digits password

check 'agree' for the term and conditions


and click the 'payment' button.


We're almost done!!


Enter your card information, your ID number and final-check your reservation details.


Click the 'check out' button and...


.... there's your ticket.



You can print it out, screenshot it or view and manage (even cancel) your tickets any time on the website...

...going to 'My Ticket', using your name, phone number and the 5 digit password you made earlier^^


How easy is that? 😉