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Suseo station

포레스트 하이츠
2020-03-06 09:16

How to get by in Korea
Suseo Station

Hello again~

This time from the Suseo station (수서역) in Gangnam.


Where you can take the fast and comfortable SRT train to go to Pyeongtaek
(and many more beautiful Korean cities)!

Suseo station is located in Gangnam, so you can get here very easily.
Both bus and subway stop right next to the station.


Line 3 (Yangjae, Express bus terminal, Myongdong)

Bundang line (Gangnam-gu office, Apgujeong rodeo, Seongnam, Suwon)


Garak market, Jamsil, Gangnam station, Hangang, Seoul station, Yongin, Korean Folk Village

SRT and subway stations are connected by underground passageway

for more comfortable transit.

If you have time to spare, there are many restaurants, coffeshops and small, cute stores in both, station and the passageway.

Now, let's take a look inside the station...


Ticket from Suseo to Jije (Pyeongtaek) costs around 7 000 \ (7$)

and there are 3 ways to buy it:

1. At the counter


2. Ticket vending machine


3. Online

SRT website also offers many interesting discounts, short trip packages and travel tips.

Now that you've got your ticket, you can take a rest in the waiting area.


Or one of the cofeeshops ^^


Remember Pyeongchang Olympic games 2018?

Mascots of the games left Olympic village and are now here in Suseo station.



Perfect opportunity for kids (and adults) to take a picture with Bandabi and Soohorang! 😉



...It's time to take the train to Jije (Pyeongtaek)...

It takes only 18 minutes!!!

(no-stop train, one stop takes 23 minutes


Have a good journey everyone~